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Subject:Re: global culture 2, an answer from...
Date:Wed, 16 Dec 1998 01:01
Author:Juan José Díaz Infante  []

Sam, you said:
maybe i don't fully understand this email - but does the email suggest that 'poverty' is a construction ??

Poverty has to do with a conceptually constructed loop. A couple of centuries ago in Holland the pattern of wealth was based on Tulips, 500 years ago in Aztec land the currency used to be grains of "cacao", the british used to exchange opium for silver in China. Wealth is a relative term: the spaniards that came to conquer the new world were no richer or poorer. Only the loop stablishes how poor you are. If you are just brought inot the loop, the only starting point is poverty. People outside of the loop are neither rich nor poor. How rich was Vincent Van Gogh when he died? How much is a Van Gogh today? There are no real values, everything is perceived.

By the way, there are two very precise references to what I am saying.

Outside of the loop, from the anthropological point of view, David Maybury Lewis in his book Millenium he starts with the chapter "A poor man shames us all" in which he compares a poor man of other civilizations with the western institution of poverty. On the other hand, inside of the loop, Alvin Toffler speaks in his book "Previews and Premises" of the concept of a job as an anachronism, productivity outside of the job market: the "pro-sumer". People that will be forced out of the loop, but that can not be simply unemployed.

Juan José Díaz Infante
Curador de Altamira

"Es mucho mas importante la imaginación que el conocimiento"
Albert Einstein

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