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Subject:Re: global culture 2, an answer from...
Date:Tue, 15 Dec 1998 15:52
Author:Héctor Zetina  []

Juan José and all the people around the bonfire:

I am taking part in this forum because I want to "learn" from your words and ideas... I think all of us have a special interest to understand this crazy world, for a better conditions of cultural exchange, for a better Life... I thank you your sensible answer... and I answer also:

Juan José wrote:
I can only say, show me a poor whale and we can discuss poverty

I can't show you a poor whale, but I can show you the skeleton af a extinct whale...

Poverty is an impossed perceived value of our society. Our social system should not have to be impossed on anybody. I think that each person already has control of their fate, until someone comes to "save" him

Yes, you're right. I've been thinking this point of view...

Poverty becomes automatic as soon as someone who was out of the loop comes into the loop, and we become the new catholic church, the new conqueror, this time instead of selling Christ we are selling cokes. I prefer the catholics...

I prefer too, for two reasons: 1. They don't have the destructive power who had in the past, 2. They are less hipocrite than Coke boys in Atlanta... upps!

Pd. I hope, in the future, to know the beautiful place where you work


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