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Subject:Re: global culture 2, an answer from the develop world...
Date:Mon, 14 Dec 1998 08:59
Author:Héctor Zetina  []

I want to say something about globalization and consumption behavior. In Mexico, we know that "american way of life" is winning the cultural mainstream. But also we know that the freedom is something more than the free choice of buying goods and luxury articles, how the neo-liberalism speakers want to let us know. In the nearest country of the richest country in the world, not Canada of course, there are 40 million people who only take for breakfast a Coke and other garbage food... when they have a good time. Why this country offer that low rate of opportunities to its people? There are many reasons but I think the first is a profound history scare of conquest and internal corruption. In many cases this corruption comes from this global institutions, this powerfull economic institutions, like in the colonialism age come from the Catholic Church and conquerors. I agree with Joana when she said that "We all live in the modern age and I presume that very few indigenous people would choose to live like their forefathers". Also said: "the question is not how to turn the clock backwards or preserve some mystic "traditional" culture, but how we enable indigenous people nowerdays to gain more control of their fate". I think the best way to achieve this is education, health, better oportunities of life and freedom to express ourselves but not a Coke like the best way, and the best symbol of modern humanity...

Regards and a world friendship hope,

Héctor Zetina
Temixco, Morelos

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