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Subject:Re: some thoughts on global culture
Date:Fri, 11 Dec 1998 11:12
Author:Hans Braumüller  []

Reffering to Breidenbach :

We are not all becoming the same, but we are increasingly articulating our differences in a way which is understood by people from other cultures. Let me give an example which has been around for some time and seems "natural": the nation-state. The anthropologist Richard Wilk describes how still in the 1970s the inhabitants of Belize didnāt call a "national culture" their own. The majority of the people saw no big difference between themself and the populations of neighbouring Guatemala and Mexico. Cultural specifics existed mainly in the eyes of the vistiting foreigners. In the 1980s, with an increasing transnationalisation of Belize (satellite-TV, tourism etc.) this situation has changed dramatically. Suddenly Belize became aware of its cultural particularities (music, cuisine, lifeworlds, and their so-called "cultural heritage") and they are now proudly exposed and marketed.

Dear Breidenbach,
i guess you are not understanding something, that the people of Belize didn't call their heritage a "national culture", is because of their national frontiers are product of colonization and conquest. Sure their cultural identification with Guatemala and Mexico comes from their origin being part of the great mesoamerican ancient civilization. The so called "national culture" may be only a move promoted by the touristic interests.

Hans Braumüller
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