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Subject:Re: Global-Adverts+Content
Date:Thu, 10 Dec 1998 08:42
Author:Héctor Zetina  []

Sam wrote:
we'd have to develop a segmented advertising strategy - if we were to somehow compete with mass entertainment content... unless ofcourse we had something completely revolutionary.

I agree with you. I think we must develope an strategy to achieve this... This forum is a good opportunity to begin. What about the exhibition that you propose?

The grid [the web] has already been placed over our planet - and each square or segment has been categorised and allocated. Only those who have been allocated with a segment - those who belong to the club - the alliance - have a voice - can communicate - can determine - can influence - can control. We - the voice that does not exist - have now to develop new strategies to struggle - to argue - to debate - to criticise the club - the mainstream - the power - the authority.

Of course... We must use the internet to strenghthen our voice, our criticise, to trenghthen the struggle against the bad authority. If Pinochet have a foot in jail, we have a hope for the future like Anahí Cáceres said... But, Pinochet is only the icbergs peak, there are others, like Kissinger, Tatcher and the US goverment who have, or had, some responsability in Pinochet crimes... How many Kissingers walking around the world with their harmful influence...

Juan José wrote:
The future society will not be a global tribe the way Negroponte or McLuhan stated. It will be a global tribe made of spores. Gómez-Peña has done reference to it in his essays in "The warrior of the Gringostroyka" and his concepts based on "The other side".

this means mimesis?. We can use this human and cultural potential to break the mass media content influence, donęt you think.

Did he do the pirate television intervention show? -------------------------
Sounds good...

Regards for all, and thanks to Gerhard and House of cultures for this opportunity,


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