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Cultural Exchange via Internet - Opportunities and Strategies
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Subject:X-change via
Date:Wed, 09 Dec 1998 08:29
Author:Alex Alsan  []

From: Alex Alsan, Editor "Berlin Sites"

To whoever it may be,

although I didn't join the forum from the start (or because of that), let me introduce myself and the project "Berlin Sites" first.

Originally studying biology and philosophy in Frankfurt/Main, I decided to drop studies after the fall of the Berlin wall back in the early nineties and for a decade now I have been travelling through different parts of the world and espacially to St. Petersburg/GUS, which then was a mere white spot in the world (not only) for me. As kind of an expatriate staying there (documentating my surrounding world by photographing), I learnt to consider my human being from at least two points of views.

Recently returning to Europe, I started to further my education as an online-editor in the Institute of Intercultural Communication, where you can reach me now. "Berlin Sites" is my first project. It emerged parallel to this forum.
I'd like to invite everybody of You (or collegues, friends, children etc.) to take part in the "Sites", which are planned to lead to a regular updated journal supposed to result in (common ?) intercultural approach. In other words You may call it a project-orientated platform.

Meanwhile I'd like to finish with a few words as a traveller:
Mr Haupt's forum to my mind could contribute to a theory about the internet's "spirit", but we all face a problem occuring in all current cultures: The aspect of indifference towards one's own culture as well as others. It might be minmized by forums like this .

With best regards

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