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Subject:Re: Globalization
Date:Tue, 08 Dec 1998 18:56
Author:Juan José Díaz Infante  []

Hello everyone,
I have been following the forum for the past 5 or 6 weeks. I was unable to participate due to saturation of work in the oppening of one of my sites and a couple of exhibits.

I would like to expand on the comment of Héctor and Pedro about advertising. I have worked in several campaigns in Mexico, the US and Europe as a creative director and bussines consultant. We should not confuse terms like marketing, psychology of the gestalt and advertising.

The fact that there are world campaigns has to do with factors of sinergy, gestalt and cost efficiency. Segmentation of the market is different from niche marketing or direct marketing. A few years ago there were almost no direct marketing departments within park avenue agencies. Today 85% of advertising agencies do have some sort of a direct marketing department.
Direct marketing has to do with taking the right message to the right people, it is a solution of language and income. It has to do also with information, the more information you have about someone, the more you can sell to him or her with little waste of energy and money. As a matter of fact in Arizona they have developed the new field of "Garbology", the study of garbage, and its main mentors are the marketing study companies. You can really know the habit of a person through their garbage.

The future society will not be a global tribe the way Negroponte or McLuhan stated. It will be a global tribe made of spores. Gómez-Peña has done reference to it in his essays in "The warrior of the Gringostroyka" and his concepts based on "The other side". I think is very important the correct analisys of the dynamics of communications to be able to understand and conceptualize projects in Internet.
this message will continue... meanwhile I have to go and teach class...

Juan José Díaz Infante
Curador de Altamira

"Es mucho mas importante la imaginación que el conocimiento"
Albert Einstein


I agree with Pedro that there are big differences between people - but what concerns me is the way the marketing forces (not market forces) are so effective in their campaigns throughout the world.

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