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Subject:Re: Globalization
Date:Mon, 07 Dec 1998 18:27
Author:Héctor Zetina  []

||||||||Sa\|||m wrote:

I agree with Pedro that there are big differences between people - but what concerns me is the way the marketing forces (not market forces) are so effective in their campaigns throughout the world.

Pedro wrote:

I would argue the point Sam, by looking at it a bit differently. Go to any advertising agency, and they will acknowledge that they can not use the same advertisement on a universal scale. Each campagin has to be adjusted to the idiosyncrasy of each culture, age group, gender, etc. etc.

I Think Pedro is right but not at all. Wich advertising agencies are you talking about? , Where in the world are they?, For which company They are working?, What is the product? and of course, Who es the market?. These are the questions what we must think to understand the de-massification process... For example, Coca-cola are using global advertising to consolidate its field of influence: All of us know the polar bear commercial in TV.
Why these big companies use the same message for all the world, we ask, if the people and their cultures are so different?... After a half of century that all of us and our parents drink Coca cola and watch bugs buny or similar on TV, in a more or less degree, we are not so different at all...
Also it is using segmented advertising (idiosyncrasy of each culture, age group, gender etc.) for a particular audience or market, maybe the market who consumption behavior is not loyalty at all to its products...
The new companies with new products also are using segmented advertising because they need to break the uniform consumption behavior what favour the trasnational economic establishment.
I think the way of consumption and the way of exercise the Power will be uniform in the future because the institutions, and the mechanisms for these are similar around the world.

There are an other idea for the future, and for the present also: Maybe Sam or Anjali or Rita or other person in the world are more equal to me than my neighborhood...

A greeting for all,

Morelos, México

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