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Cultural Exchange via Internet - Opportunities and Strategies
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Subject:Thought on Globalisation
Date:Mon, 07 Dec 1998 15:25
Author:Robert Schilder  []

For nearly ten years now we have a worldwide circle of professional photographers. Most important reason and benefit is that we have so much in common, yet look at things with a very different perspective. Also the dialogue may be even easier with a person who has the same job but is no direct competition. Over the years some of them have become my very best friends! When possible we have a meeting where maybe five of us come together, depending on place and possibility; then the opinions will all of a sudden very enormously and some strong words are spoken.

Once I had an assignment to do a modelshoot which was to be used in Holland and Belgium (which are not more than one hour away from each other by car) it was generally agreed that a different model had to be used for each country. So much for understanding your nearest neighbour! When I speak to clients now about using photography worldwide an often used phrase is this: 'global advertising for a local market' Meaning approach things globally but use it locally, this way it should have the most impact.

Market and consumerism:
Some years ago I was giving a workshop in India and around that time MTV and StarTV were new and bringing the Coca-Cola culture to the students. It was all bluejeans and hamburgers. But pretty soon they started to realise that their own culture had so much to tell and was something to be very proud of. For me, modern art from India is a very good example of an enormous history in art with lots of 'global' influences.

The internet isn't going away and if we don't start a global dialogue, somebody else will (or HAS started) The only point is the form in which it will be presented. Obviously Pedro Meyer is the most experienced person here, maybe he can give us the blueprint and let's START. Sometimes good ideas are discussed to death.

Robert Schilder

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