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Cultural Exchange via Internet - Opportunities and Strategies
Forum of the House of World Cultures, Berlin, 12 October, 1998 - ... open end

Subject:Re: dialogues in and out the net
Date:Sun, 06 Dec 1998 08:27
Author:José Tlatelpas  []

Hi friends:

Well, some of the moderators asked about solutions and ways to solve the problems all we have. I want to say something about this.

I think that the art and culture published in the web are not, by themselves, a different culture and a different art. The web works as a media to distribute the cultural products and services and, in the process, affects its development, style and way, not the essence.

That is why I think that the Internet culture is not properly the culture itself, but a style or a mode of the main culture. As is known and argued by some, the culture is related to the political and economic world. As I say, changing the traditional sentence: "the culture is the dynamic or dialectic reflex of the economy and the politics". It is not mechanical. The web is a media, like the printer, the radio, the TV. It is powerful, but it is limited, in is unanimated, but it is alive and dynamic. We are also limited users, and we find ways to be, however, borderless, hopeful, renewing.

I think that could be a good idea to make a International network of alternative cultural organizations in the web. I think that really could be great to build a network of alternative cultural websites and support each other. I think we can develop a bank of photos, writings, critics, art. That we can build a coordinated network of magazines and distribute our press releases in a much more powerful way.

To be able to make this, we need to develope our tolerance and democratic spirit, our sense of respect, our vision. We can not be stocked in marginality, somehow, suddenly, we are not marginal anymore.

I think that we should also try to profesionalize our work. I do not mean comercialize, I mean professionalize. I think we should encourage the alternative cultural entrepreneurships and support them, and begin to be more supportive with each other. As a simple example, the artist will love to relate with critics, the critics will love to relate with galleries, the galleries with collectors, the writers with publishers and cultural centres. We can take a text of a writer of our network and read it in a remote part of the world. We can organize a show, real or virtual. We can oganize or build a network of insurance for art material, but I guess we need organization, promontion, support, respect, sharing vission and effort. And I propose to develope a job bank for ourselves, and an art bank, I am thinking in building something like this.

Untill now we was been only sharing links and so on... but I guess this is not enough. I think we should do more. To build organizations, to write and paint about each other. To use references of each other, to validate each other and recognize each other, to argue, to research, to find, to develope.

Well, I do not wat to write long. Just I want to sahere this and I am open to proposals, and if I and me group can do something for others, if culturally and socially compatible, we will do it. But I would love to see all of us organizing a network that can really be useful for all us and for the people who enjoy and shares our creations and our work.

Best wishes

Jose Tlatelpas


La Guirnalda Polar, revista cultural

The Spanish Canadian Web

Neoclassic E Press

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