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Cultural Exchange via Internet - Opportunities and Strategies
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Subject:Re: The forum continues!!!
Date:Wed, 02 Dec 1998 19:39
Author:Pedro Meyer  []

Excelente noticia, Very Good News, we will be able to continue and remain in touch. Let me just bring up one suggestion in order to achieve the goal of more interaction later on. Gerhard as our host will also need to function actively as a moderator, in order to elicit the participation of those involved. I am sure he has done much in this direction already, however with the time lapse that he now suggests without any activity, we all will need his active involvement to "bring this space to life" once he comes back. It will require more than just announcing, Get ready, set, ...GO!

Maybe the word "moderator" is not the right one, and we might think more of an "animator", someone to crank up the motor, like the cars of yesterday used to be. Cranking up the discussion is the basic ingredient in making this sort of a forum attain a certain dinamic again. I am sure Gerhard will know how to accomplish this. Once the motor gets started, I am sure the problem will then turn again in to one of "moderating"... aside from all the topics worth discussing, we also will gain experience about the mechanics of what works best and how our interactions can develop. Count me in with enthusiasm and hopefully we shall retain the critical commentary of people like Ricardo Basbaum from Brazil, and others, who should question the process all the way through so that we don't become complacent.

Regards from Mexico City
Pedro Meyer

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