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Cultural Exchange via Internet - Opportunities and Strategies
Forum of the House of World Cultures, Berlin, 12 October - 4 December, 1998

[as of December 1st 1998 the forum has been prolonged - ... open-ended]

Subject:Re: Cultural Exchange
Date:Wed, 25 Nov 1998 07:03
Author:Alfred Tay  []

Abelardo, is a Virtual Arts Archive, dedicated in promoting artists internationally. Our aim is to create a global artistic culture, enabling artists from one continent to know what artists from other continents are doing.

We are currently seeking to archive the portfolios of artists from various fields and from various levels of expertise. We are accepting works from professionals and students alike.

Please visit our site at for more information. Also I have sent you a information mailer as requested. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to address them.

Alfred Tay
Art Coordinator - Virtual Arts Archive

Abelardo Mena wrote:

My name is Abelardo Mena, and works as curator of XX century art in the Cuban National Museum. I read your statement on the forum organized by Mr Haupt, and am very interesting to know more about your organization. Please if you can send me some info thru email cause we haven't free Internet access (I smile reading your opinions about that)

Hoping new contacts.

Abelardo Mena
curator of International Art
Collection. National Museum-Cuba
19 street number 1164 apt.5 btw 16 and 18, Vedado,
Hav.4-10400 CUBA phone: 537.37327
fax. 537.333715

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