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Subject:Trophies of Honor - Art Chronicles of Indigeous Peoples
Date:Thu, 19 Nov 1998 16:23
Author:Donna Hand-Lee and Jeff Lee  []


Trophies of Honor is a project to chronicle and preserve native culture and art by presenting museum quality works on the Internet in exhibition form. We are a core group consisting of approximately one-hundred indigenous artists who wish to use the idea of "digital immortality" to make native art and its' story available to future generations.

The project has a two-fold purpose: exhibit

1] by utilizing the Internet as a global format we will focus on the challenge of bringing the vast resource of native cultures into the rapidly developing field of information technology
2] chronicles as it stands, without analysis or interpretation, will be made available to educational organizations for study and exposure of the culture on behalf of indigenous peoples everywhere.
Moreover, the chronicles will be a reference resource for all with interest, but even more so a repository of information for all peoples of indigenous background to study art.

This evolving project is hosted by Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, and Mississippi State University in conjunction with the FineArt Forum.

Trophies of Honor is a project dedicated to Indigenous Peoples around the world. The project is being used as a resource in several dozen colleges and universites and was featured in several magazines, including the Yahoo Internet Life Magazine.Thank you for your support.

For Further Information on Trophies of Honor and Corresponding Traveling Exhibit Contact:
Jeff Lee and Donna Hand-Lee
Art Works-Indigenous Artifacts
voice-503-665-l925 fax-503-666-0953

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