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Cultural Exchange via Internet - Opportunities and Strategies
Forum of the House of World Cultures, Berlin, 12 October - 4 December, 1998

[as of December 1st 1998 the forum has been prolonged - ... open-ended]

Subject:Olu Oguibe's posting
Date:Fri, 16 Oct 1998 20:05
Author:Gerhard Haupt  []

Dear Olu,
I assume that when you refer in your posting to an international "intercultural" forum you mean this one. Indeed, I have the impression that your discourse has to do with all kinds of things, however not with the forum itself. In the call for participation (whose topics and questions you must have been aware of for you did write a statement based on them) the word "intercultural" - a word you often quote critically - does not occur. And for good reason because in many ways I share your views on it.

In addition, "Caucasians" are not, in fact, "methodically excluded". As the forum's subtitle already declares, it should deal with how the Internet can be used for cultural exchange between Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America and, of course, Europe and North America, that is, for the exchange with each other which naturally concerns all sides to the same extent. The continents and regions listed first are only emphasized because it appears to me that there are deficits along this direction.

As to your comments on the House of World Cultures, you are simply poorly informed. I recommend a visit to the institution's website. There you can find a larger series of events, called "Rethinking Europe", running from March until December 1998, that focus on critical reflections on the situation in Europe.

I think the forum's topic - the usage of the Internet for cultural exchange - offers enough material for discussion. It would be good to concentrate on that. In dealings with one another, we should remain objective and collegial. On behalf of those who cannot express themselves in their mother tongue, I would like to ask the English-speaking participants to refrain from using slang or scene-jargon.

Gerhard Haupt

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