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Migrating Images
producing ... reading ... transporting ... translating

Edited by Petra Stegmann and Peter C. Seel
House of World Cultures
Language: English
168 pages, 29 black/white illustrations
now: 5,- Euro (was: 10,- Euro)
ISBN 3-9808851-8-6

A never-ending stream of images floating around us - in everyday culture, film, commercials and the arts - has exponentially widened our former visual cosmos. Even in the age of the "pictorial turn" and in spite of their apparently immediate accessibility, images are not readily understandable for viewers from different cultural backgrounds and need to be translated.

The publication assembles contributions from the Migrating Images conference held in November 2003 at the House of World Cultures. Some of its main topics are the transformation of images on their global travels and the impact of these migrations for the production, the reading and especially the translation of images.

Contributors: Ackbar Abbas, Sabine Flach, Lydia Haustein, Jyotindra Jain, Geeta Kapur, Machiko Kusahara, Sarat Maharaj, Nicholas Mirzoeff, W.J.T. Mitchell, Dirk Naguschewski, Avinoam Shalem

12580 (Migrating Images)