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Bangladesh, India
Festival of Sacred Music
The Music of the Bauls
Achin-Pakhi - The Unknown Soul, Bangladesh
Oikyotaan feat. Kartick das Baul, India
Anando Gopal Das & Ensemble, India
Admission: 13 , concession 10
Indo-Muslim culture, subculture, tradition
Sacred Music
Anando Gopal das Bauls
Bonnie Chakraborty, Oikyotaan
The Indian poet and Nobel Prize laureate Rabindranath Tagore admiringly called the music of the Bauls "humble flowers of the field". The Bauls, a community of itinerate musicians and singers in Eastern Indian Bengal and in Bangladesh, draw upon a spiritual tradition composed of Buddhist, Hindu and Islam influences. They reject categories such as caste, class and religion; their highest goal is to be close to God. In their view, the divine is hidden with in the heart of each human being, and accordingly their spiritual search is directed inward, dispensing with priests and prophets. The word Baul itself can have two different translations: "crazy" (for God) or "carried by the wind". This refers to the Bauls' ability to express the "breath of life" with their voice.

Achin-Pakhi: The Unknown Soul, Bangladesh

The voice holds the spiritual power of the Baul. The ensemble from Bangladesh, with four vocalists, focuses on the ability find access to people's souls through song.

Farida Parvin: vocals
Yakub Ali Khan: vocals
Bakul Bayati: vocals
Gazi Abdul Hakim: flute
S.M. Reza: Dhol
Bishawjit Sarkar: Tabla
Sheikh Jalal Uddin: Dotara
Shahidul Islam: flute
Shapan Mia Bangla: Dhol
Ariful Haque Mithu: vocals

Oikyotaan feat. Kartick Das Baul, India

Oikyotaan - or "harmony of a universal melody" - creates a sound space in which the music of the Bauls and western instruments complement each other. The ensemble is headed by Biswasjit "Bonnie" Chakraborty, whose oeuvre ranges from rock and pop music to Indian film music and Bengal folk music. The guest of honor in this unusual project is Kartick das Baul, whose concerts in the USA and Japan have shown that the music of the Bauls has the power to fascinate worldwide.

Kartick das Baul: vocals | Khamak (drum with strings)
Bonnie Chakraborty: vocals | percussion | Khamak
Paul Jacob: bass | vocals | Salangais
Donnan Murray electric and acoustic guitar | vocals | mandolin
K.V. Balakrishnan: percussion
A. Saravanan: percussion
Lazare Reznik: violin

Anando Gopal Das Bauls & Ensemble | Bauls from Bengal

Anando Gopal is one of the few who still master the more than thousand-year-old tradition of madhoukori, honey-collecting: the Bauls, who always lived on the margins of society, wandered from village to village selling their wares, songs of submission to God. The goal of the ensemble is to cultivate the traditions and holy songs of their forebears.

Anando Gopal Das: Ghamok | Kortal (cymbals)
Naba Kumar Das: flute | Ghunghur (foot bells)
Ashok Hazra: Dotar
Tincori Chakraborty: Dubki
Satyananda Das: Dughi | Ektara