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sacred music
Asia, Europe
India, Tibet
Festival of Sacred Music
Monks of the Tashi Dhagye Monastery, India
Staging and video work: Marina Abramovic
Marina Abramoviç
Admission: 13 EUR, discounted 10 EUR, Festivalpass (all concerts) 50 EUR
14.12.2002 - 15.12.2002
Buddhism, post modernity, ritual
World Premiere

Few other contemporary artists have addressed the issue of ritualization as Marina Abramovic has in her performances, her video works and her installations. Her encounters with Tibetan monks in Southern India and her intensive search for images gave rise to the project which will have its premiere here.

The monks of the Tashi Dhagye Monastery are masters of Cham, a Tibetan Buddhist dance. This tantric ritual is an active form of meditation in which a mandala of the divinity is created in order to expel negative influences and achieve a state of blessedness. These rituals are presented in the staging by Marina Abramovic and in the context of her video projections.

The dialogue between the sacred chants of the Tibetan monks and the positions of the renowned artist gives rise to a new space between contemporary art and spirituality, ritual and conceptual art.

Contact: Johannes Odenthal

Link Marina Abramovic