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Far Near Distance
Shanbehzadeh Ensemble
Admission: 13 , concessions 10
Entfernte Nähe
"Saeid Shanbehzadeh from Bushehr is a showman par excellence. He swirls across the stage, falls into a state of trance, and rouses the audience and band alike," says, the leading Internet portal for cultural tips in Tehran. The Bushehri region in southern Ian is a cultural centre. For centuries, Persian, Arab, African and Indian influences have encountered one another there, leaving their mark on the music too. And this diversity of influences, especially its black roots, has been an inspiration above all to the singer and bandleader, who has been living in France for several years now. He leads an ensemble of Iranian and French musicians who are devoted to playing an eclectic mix of traditional rhythms and jazz, with strains of the nayanban, a type of bagpipes made of lambskin. Their drive shows that Iranian music more than a mix of the mystical and the melancholic: it is also an invitation to let go and celebrate.