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Far Near Distance
The House is Black (Kaneh Siyah Ast)
+ To Have or Not to Have
(Dashtan Ya Nadashtan)
Double Feature
Admission: 5 , concessions 3
Entfernte Nähe
D: Forough Farrokhzad
Iran 1962, 19 min., 35 mm, Engl. subtitles
+ D: Niki Karimi
Iran 2001, 52 min., 35 mm, Engl. subtitles

The House is Black is a poetic documentary about a leper hospital near Tabris in Iran. The deceased Iranian poet saw her only film as more than just a film about lepers: it is about everyone who is trapped - in one way or another - without any means of escape.

The film by Iranian actress Niki Karimi looks at the hopes and frustrations of couples who are unable to have children. In Iran, it is considered a disgrace to be childless. It is also the main reason for divorce.