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Africa, America, Europe
Black Atlantic, Black Atlantic - Platform 3:
Another Modernity
Guided tour
with Adrian Piper
Black Atlantic
The artist Adrian Piper guides through the Exhibition "Black Atlantic". The artist, author and philosopher was born in Harlem/New York in 1948. She is equally well known for her artworks, her articles on art and art criticism as well as for her philosophical writings. Her extraordinary oeuvre ranges from her paintings and early conceptual works from the 1960s to performances in the 1970s to her current works. Even as a relatively young artist, Adrian Piper was already able to look back on a remarkable career as a conceptual artist. In the early 1970s, her strict works, which were generally structured as texts and appeared in publications, increasingly gave way to performances in public places. Since the 1980s, Adrian Piper has become known for her research into specific areas such as racism, xenophobia and the nature of the self. Her works, which include photo-text collages, drawings, performances and (video) installations are conceived as acts of political communication. She aims to trigger in the viewer an immediate response to their own impulses, which often go very deep, as well as elicit answers to these subjects. Adrian Piper's texts follow the same approach and range from visionary considerations on art and its commodity character to a "Kantian analysis of xenophobia".