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Africa, America, Europe
Black Atlantic, Black Atlantic - Platform 2:
Congo Square
Navigating Utopia:
Muneer B. Fennell
Congo Square
Late arrival to the jam session: 8
Black Atlantic
Muneer B. Fennell (New York/Freiburg - cello), composer and one of the few great Jazz cellists and guests

As the festival's grand finale, the last "navigated jam" will bring together again many of the musicians participating in Congo Square. Composer and cellist Muneer B. Fennell will be presenting more features of contemporary groove: on five strings, Fennell creates modern twelve-tone grooves that fuse conceptual notions with the down-to-earth vitality of Funk. This as a tonic becomes a platform for transformational music needing to vibe on a brighter future. Bringing into focus how utopian ideas fuel future progress. With all this going for it, Navigating Utopia will be Congo Square's final manifesto.