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Africa, America, Europe
Black Atlantic, Black Atlantic - Platform 2:
Congo Square
Navigating the Essence of Cool:
Joseph Bowie, Kim Clarke
Congo Square
Late arrival to the jam session: 8
Black Atlantic
Joseph Bowie
Joseph Bowie (New York/Gorinchem, NL - trombone, vocal)
the brains and heart behind Defunkt, demonstrates with great authenticity that creative improvisation and pop are not mutually exclusive
Kim Clarke (New York - bass)
internationally successful jazz bassist and partner of Joseph Bowie of Defunkt and guests

Backbeat, which arose in Southern North America, has developed into a global rhythm transforming the laid-back aesthetics of coolness against racist oppression into a powerful expression of Black independence. Its energy has brought together different cultures from all across the globe. Today, Backbeat is the fuel cell and motor of Funk and electronic Dance music.
The driving force behind Defunkt is Joseph Bowie, a master of intuitive rhythms and improvisations, while Kim Clarke is renowned as one of the coolest "groovestresses" around. Together, they will be setting off on a journey through the various spheres of groove. Wear your cool gear, kid!