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Africa, America, Europe
Black Atlantic
Admission: 15 , concessions 12
Black Atlantic
Followed - at 22 h - by:
DJ Grace Kelly (Bahia/Berlin)
Brazil, Latin, Orient & Worldbeats - guaranteed the best dance music and maximum groove.

Afro-Brazilian martial-arts dances, Capoeira and Maculele - symbols of Black resistance against the Portuguese colonisers - as well as Soul, Funk and Samba-Reggae form the rhythmic basis of Berimbrown, who come from Brazil's Belo Horizonte. These rappers live in the city's poor districts and their lyrics attack the brutal conditions of everyday life in Brazil's favelas, where poverty is rife. The band's lyrics tell of drugs, unemployment and violence, and also demand respect.
In addition to performing on stage, these socially committed musicians also hold workshops to give the children in their area an artistic and social future. Their work is based on the concept of the Quilombos, the free republics once created in the rain forest by the runaway slaves.

Link Homepage of the Brazilian rappers of Berimbrown