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Africa, America, Europe
Black Atlantic
Hope in My Heart
+ Tal der Ahnungslosen
Maria Binder
+ Branwen Okpako
Admission: 5 , concessions 3
Black Atlantic
'Tal der Ahnungslosen'
Hope in My Heart: The May Ayim Story
D: Maria Binder, Germany 1997, 29 min.
+ Tal der Ahnungslosen
D: Branwen Okpako, Germany 2003, 85 min.

Hope in My Heart: Powerful documentary about the Afro-German poet, writer and activist May Ayim, who committed suicide in 1996. May Ayim's life was closely intertwined with the emerging Afro-German movement, and in this seamlessly edited collage of interview extracts, readings and still photos, Maria Binder has provided an insight into this complex figure and her work. In the foreword to May Ayim's collection of poems "blues in schwarz weiss" (blues in black and white), Maryse Condé wrote: "An exceptional voice. Unique and already in the heart of us all who are persecuted and thirsting."

Tal der Ahnungslosen: Afro-German police officer Eva Meyer finds herself back in her hometown of Dresden, confronting her past both in the attempt to locate her parents and solve a mysterious death. In this thriller, Branwen Okpako skilfully moves between the themes of an Afro-German background and life in the former East Germany, combining them in today's reality. Branwen Okpako's documentary "Dirt for Dinner" ("Dreckfresser", 2000) won numerous awards, including the German young filmmakers' prize 'First Steps'. "Tal der Ahnungslosen" (Valley of the Innocent) is her first feature film.