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Africa, America, Asia, Europe
The Back Room
Artistic Director: Jean-Paul Bourelly
22.02.2002 00:00
globalisation, identity, multi-culturalism, tradition
The Back Room stands for opening borders. Cultures unfamiliar with one another come together, communicating their traditional rhythms, their forms of song and lyrics, and their instruments, always displaying a willingness to change and to develop a new language in an exchange with others.

All music is a synthesis; music is always about communication between different cultures - no matter how old their traditions may be. For example, rap combines funk rhythms, street poetry and technical developments in sound sampling, gnawa is a mixture of Ghanaian and Arabian Berber music. This quality of communicating across borders will be central to the work on a new concert. Every Back Room concert is unique, creating music that nobody has ever had an opportunity to hear before.

22. und 23.2.

Roots of Civilization: Ethiopian Music and Dance featuring "Queen of Sheba"

6. und 7.9.

DEFUNKT – Black America
With Joe Bowie, Kim Clark, Adam Kipple From Berlin: Kenny Martin, Fuasi Abdul Khaliq

further Back Rooms:
January 2000
Hassan Hakmoun, sintir
Brahim Frigbane, guitar, percussion
Wil Calhoun, drums
Koldja Funkzwerg, vocals
Grisha Schabernack, vocals
Onkel Kane, vocals

December 2000
Grupo Libre, Special Edition
New York Latin All-Stars Meet Berlin

February 2001
Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Bass
Dhafer Youssef, Oud und Gesang

Author: Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Contact: Gabriele Tuch