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01.03.2002 00:00
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The way we deal with language and cultural differences (in the broader sense) in the multicultural societies of Europe has become an important practical issue, especially for pedagogical work. Above all, acquainting children and young people with non-European cultures through artistic works has given them a marked, positive incentive to become more actively concerned with the opportunities and problems facing multiethnic societies.

The arts–in-education approach (developed in Anglo-Saxon countries and now a cornerstone of the House of World Cultures’ youth projects) has been further developed during the last 2 years. The goals of the 2002 Youth Programme, which are reflected in a variety of projects, include developing new concepts on topical questions, exchanging ideas with national and international partners, establishing a network of institutions working in similar areas and with a similar approach, and communicating tried-and-tested concepts.

Endless Expanses
Project weeks, films and music for young people to accompany the programme "Off the Silk Road"
1 March – 24 May 2002

Endless Expanses will be the theme of the youth programme of the House of World Cultures. It includes special events accompanying the ‘No Mad’s Land’ exhibition, a special music and film programme, and workshops to complement the films. The endless expanses of Central Asia form a distinctive element in the films that will be shown in the Youth Programme and accompanied by workshops. Impressive images convey the world of children and young people living in Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan - a world that seems to be subject to constant change emerges, and one that is reflected in the mundane, everyday conflicts, dreams and problems that are part of growing up. The diverse musical traditions of Afghanistan will be performed by the Tarang (group) in a concert introduced by a presenter.

Las Huellas
A detective game accompanying the programme
15 September to 1 December 2002

A historical and artistic detective game provides the framework plot of the youth programme organised by The game allows young visitors to discover - in European collections and works of contemporary Mexican culture - traces of the history that Europe and Mexico have shared for almost 500 years now. By co-operating with Mexican artists, guests of the House of World Cultures, and artists living here in Berlin, the children will be encouraged to include the Mexican perspective in their search. Maps will be prepared showing the extensive collections of Mexico’s cultural heritage and illustrating the paths pursued by modern Mexican artists. The Las Huellas project will be complemented by public rehearsals and youth concerts in the Mexican Wave music programme of the House of World Cultures and a long night of fairy tales at the Mexican Festival of the Dead.

Popdeurope – Summer holiday programme
4 July 2002 – 17 August 2002

The influence of music on youth cultures is becoming increasingly international. HipHop and Dancehall, in particular, have evolved into universal platforms of youth culture, expressing local and regional features. By concentrating on regional peculiarities as against mainstream music, and investigating the diverse ways and creative means in which musical traditions constantly influence one another in new ways, the workshops will show the vital contribution of migrants to European pop music and youth cultures. The Popdeurope summer-holiday programme will run concerts and workshops, giving young people an opportunity to work with musicians and introduce their own musical experiences into the workshops. During the summer holidays one-day and three-day workshop programmes will be held during the week.

Sacred Music Tour
1 – 16 December 2002

The Youth concerts planned to accompany the Festival of Sacred Music in Berlin and Brandenburg will be introduced by a presenter. The concerts will spotlight encounters with religious traditions. An ensemble of musicians and singers from different cultures will develop a programme especially for this tour that takes up the diverse religious traditions and combines them to create new pieces of music. Furthermore, musicians who have come to the Festival of Sacred Music in Berlin as guests will be invited to play at the youth concerts.

Arts in Education Laboratory
All the year round

Co-operation will continue with the other sponsors of intercultural youth work for the project New Concepts of Intercultural Pedagogics. The Arts in Education Laboratory will be testing new theoretical models of intercultural work in practice. In the year 2002, the focus will be on projects prepared by the Youth Programme of the House of World Cultures in collaboration with other institutions. Among the artists appearing will be Moshekwa Langa, Akinbode Akinbiyi, Mansour Ciss, Pierre Kadiwar, Inno Sorsy. The partnerships launched in 2001 with the Deutsche Kinder – und Jugendstiftung, Community Arts Berlin and the UNESCO Associated Schools Project will be continued. We hope to gain additional project partners such as Urban Gateways, USA, Casa das Mascas, Brazil and N’gaparou, Senegal.

The Visual Culture Project
5 January to 30 July 2002

This project continues the Asia Pacific Lounge 2001 in co-operation with the Arts in Education Programme of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Institute of Art within the context of the Universität der Künste (University of the Arts) in Berlin. This arts-in-education project, in which pupils and artists will work together, focues on visual culture in the participants’ home towns. The project groups will ask which form of visual communication is most suitable for visually presenting a town or city. The results of the Asia Pacific Lounge project will be shown in 2001. An Internet communications bridge with a similarly structured project group in Hong Kong will be created to compare the results of the survey and the artistic documentations. The second project phase will compare different perspectives. The aim is to produce an art guide book or alternative tourist guides to help people appreciate aspects of visual culture in a city.

The Caravan
September to November 2002

Last but not least, and in response to the great demand in the past few years, the 2002 Youth Programme is also planning to run a new version of the Caravan project. Successful workshop concepts will be offered to schools and cultural establishments as tour-packages. The programme will be enlarged to include new elements. In view of the positive response to the film workshops in the past, we intend to extend the Laterna Africa programme package to include films accompanied by workshops aimed at secondary-school pupils. A fourth programme package, the Garden of Islam, will be highlighting cultures in predominantly Islamic regions. Alongside the organisational preparatory talks at the project location, there will be one-day advanced training events for schools wishing to book teh Caravan programme packages.

Author: Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Contact: Peter Winkels